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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the car-buying process can be intimidating and confusing - even under the best circumstances; that's why we've put together answers to what may be your most pressing concerns!

FAQs are aimed to ensure you are aware of what lies ahead! If you have more questions or haven't had your questions answered here; reach out to one of our licenced professionals through the contact us forms! 

We can help with the following

Canadian Flag outside Parlament

New To Canada

Have you recently arrived in Canada? We have the experience and knowledge to assist you into a vehicle.

Credit Card

Credit - Highs & Lows

High Or Low Credit - We work with you and your current credit

New Keys

First Time Car buying 

Being a first time car buyer can be confusing and complicated. We offer specialized services for first time car buys. 

Why we can Offer Approval When Other Institutions Can't

We are partnered with all major lenders - as well as non-traditional lenders that utilize different criteria when looking to approve loans.


In conjecture with all major financial institutions, we utilize non-traditional lenders who utilize a variety of sources of income such as:

  • Pay Stubs 

  • Letters of Employment 

  • Child tax credit

  • Government assistance 

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

  • Self-employment 

  • Retirement/Pension/CPP etc.

Being partnered with these accredited non-traditional lenders allows us access to a wider range of loan options with a more accepting scope of more accepting lenders. These lenders are just as trustworthy as large corporate banks and offer more flexibility when it comes to what they take into consideration as income. 

Despite our best efforts in some instances approval is not guaranteed - and while we work hard to ensure your approval it's not always possible. As such when met with non-approval we provide you with a course of action, that when followed helps you to repair and rebuild your credit for later applications. 

Important Documentation 

What documents you should have prepared during your application process:

  • Social Insurance Number [Optional] 

  • Drivers License

  • T4's

  • Proof of Employment 

    • 3 Months of Pay stubs 

  • Monthly housing costs 

    • ​Address and Previous Address 

  • If you have a trade-in you will need to bring with you:

    • Ownership

    • Proof of Insurance​​

What the Buying Process Looks Like

Starting the process 



By completing our short application located here or in person at our location, you will have begun the loan approval process. The application is aimed to provide us with a full understanding of your financial situation so that we will be able to plan around your financial situation and get you a vehicle that works with your budget and needs.

Our experts will review your application and develop an understanding of your current credit situation. After reviewing the submitted application you will be contacted by a member of our team with further questions. 

After speaking with you our team members will consolidate all of the information, and relay the information to our partnered banks to get the best fit for your loan. This process is not always a guarantee. 


Bad credit auto loans are available and not far away. Car Credit Hero is located on HWY 401 at 50 Benson Court Port Hope Ontario just West of Cobourg and East of Oshawa.

Do you have a bad credit situation and need a car loan can't make it to Port Hope but live in the surrounding area?  We are always looking to help make the process easier for you! This is why Car Credit Heroes will pick you up, we offer shuttle services to and from your home or workplace! 


In special cases, we can offer our services fully remote! Our finance specialists will keep in contact through email and over the phone! 

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