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Car Credit Hero specializes in bad credit, no credit and other credit challenges – We will get you the 2nd chance you deserve and the auto loan you want! In addition to getting your unique credit situation financed, allowing you to drive the car or truck you want, Car Credit Hero works hard to help you correct and repair your damage credit. We can even take you from no credit, to established credit!

APPROVED Our financial specialists review your credit with you and get you approved on the auto loan you want. No matter what your credit situation – Car Credit Hero will get you approved! Apply Online now - in minutes you could be approved, even on a bankrupt car loan!

AFFORDABLE We make 100% sure your new car or truck payments are affordable, so that you can make your new auto payment on time, every time. We offer monthly, weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payments. Car Credit Hero will match your payment to your pay cheque!

DEPENDABLE We only deal with banks and financial companies that report your new auto credit history to both Canadian credit bureaus every month – Car Credit Hero always makes sure every dollar you spend goes towards establishing or rebuilding your credit.

Fill out our fast, easy and secure Online Credit Application now – You can be Approved for your auto loan, no charge, in minutes!

About Car Credit Hero

Thank you for visiting – Your Free, Fast & Secure connection to a Pre-Approved Auto Loan. If you’re looking to get driving right away – Apply Now – You can be Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan in minutes.

What is Car Credit Hero?

Car Credit Hero is a Finance Center that specializes in getting consumers with all types of credit – even bad credit - approved for an auto loan. Car Credit Hero was created with our customers’ needs in mind - Too many good people are declined on their auto loan for the wrong reason. Having Bad Credit History, No Credit or even being in a Bankruptcy should never stop you from driving a car or truck! Our expert staff looks way beyond the complex Credit Score a bank or finance company will use to approve or decline your loan!

While other Dealerships & Finance Centers might focus on the negative aspects of your Credit History - Car Credit Hero always takes the whole picture into consideration when working with you. We review every unique credit situation on an individual basis and we work hard with our lending partners to get you approved on your new loan! Simply fill out our FREE & SECURE Online Credit Application & get Pre-Approved in minutes!

The Auto Loan Expert Sworn to CORRECT your Credit

Every Superhero has a motto. Some swear an oath to protect you from villains & evil doers while keeping the world safe! Well Car Credit Hero swore an oath too! In addition to fighting high interest rates and defending your right to an affordable auto loan, Car Credit Hero is sworn to correct your credit! APPLY NOW TO REPAIR YOUR CREDIT! We can even repair your credit with an after bankruptcy car loan!

The Auto Loan Expert with the Credit Experience

Car Credit Hero is part of a family owned and operated business serving the Port Hope, Cobourg, Oshawa, Peterborough and Belleville area for over 20 years. Our focus is & always will be on Customer Service – We want to earn your business! Our Credit Specialists have more experience in the Automotive, Banking and Auto Finance industries than almost any other local Auto Loan Finance Center. We deal exclusively with the most established, qualified, and trusted Banks and Finance Companies – Car Credit Hero always protects their customers Privacy and Credit information and we make sure our partners do too!

Choose Your Car or Truck - All Makes, All Models - Expansive New & Used Vehicle Inventory

Our office, located on Hwy 401 in Port Hope, has over 200 New & Used Vehicles to choose from. Visit our Used Car and Used Truck Inventory now. If Car Credit Hero doesn’t have the vehicle you want – We will get it for you: ALL MAKES AND MODELS. Fill out our easy Online Credit Application now and we’ll contact you with your Pre-Approval and get you ready to drive the vehicle of your choice!

The One on HWY 401 - Apply and Come By!

Car Credit Hero is located on Hwy 401 in Port Hope Ontario, minutes West of Cobourg, 20 mins South of Peterborough and just East of Oshawa. Car Credit Hero is proud to service all of Ontario – No matter where you live or what credit you have – You’re Approved!

What is Car Credit Hero?

Car Credit Hero is a service for credit challenged or no credit Canadians looking to buy a new or used vehicle. Car Credit Hero specializes in getting you approved on a new or used auto loan – no matter what kind of credit you have. Car Credit Hero is located in Port Hope Ontario and gets bad credit auto loans approved for anyone in the Oshawa, Trenton, Peterborough, Whitby, Cobourg and Belleville areas. Car Credit Hero in Port hope also helps repair bad credit and get no credit car loans approved for anyone one, anywhere in Ontario. Apply now or click here for more details.

What is considered Bad or Poor Credit?

Bad Credit, Slow Credit and other Credit challenges can vary. Our Article page and Testimonial page have real life examples that highlight the everyday credit struggles many Canadians go thru. The good news is that Car Credit Hero devotes 100% of its time to overcoming these challenges and getting all types of credit approved, no matter what your credit history is like.

Is bad credit really that common?

With predatory lending practices, identity theft and now an unstable global economy, it’s no surprise that many good people are struggling with their debt. Often they have a hard time keeping up with their credit obligations and unfortunately that can hurt their credit scores.

Over 25% of Canadians carry between $10,000 and $40,000 in debt and a recent study shows that more than half of Canadians under the age of 50 spend more money than they make. In 2008 a study was released that showed Canadian Bankruptcies are up 17% over the previous year. These facts coupled with increasing evidence that more and more Canadians are missing payments and sometimes defaulting on their loans, show just how common bad credit has become in our society. Unfortunately these Canadian poor credit statistics are present throughout the country, especially in Ontario where Car Credit Hero operates. Good people with bad credit in Oshawa, Peterborough, Cobourg, Whitby, Trenton and Belleville sometimes struggle with their credit and auto loan declines. Fortunately we can help.

Car Credit Hero was founded to help good people overcome bad credit. Most banks and lending institutions put profit first but through a combination of strong lender partnerships, advanced credit knowledge and a non negotiable mission to get credit challenged customers back on their feet, you can always count on Car Credit Hero putting you first!

Does Car Credit Hero sell new or used vehicles?

The inventory at Car Credit Hero is a huge mix of new and used vehiclesall makes and models. View our always expanding used car inventory here. If Car Credit Hero doesn’t have the car you want, we can get it.

Will Car Credit Hero take my current vehicle in on trade?

Car Credit Hero will always give you the best value for your trade in vehicle. Whether it’s an older auto loan, current lease or even your first car, Car Credit Hero will offer you top dollar for your trade. Our expert staff specializes in auto appraisals and this service is always free!

If you live in the Oshawa, Peterborough, Cobourg, Belleville, Trenton, Whitby or Bowmanville areas then you are just minutes away, so we can give you a fast and free appraisal of your trade in no time. Apply now or contact us for more info!

What is the process?

The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

APPLY - First apply using our easy & secure online Credit Application for FREE CHOOSE - Select the vehicle you want from our Online Inventory DRIVE - Schedule an Appointment to work out the payment you want and pick up your new or used vehicle.

How much money do I need to make?

If you’re an Ontario resident and make a minimum of $1800 gross per month. Then you may qualify for a new or used auto loan. Apply now.

Is your service really FREE?

Absolutely! We cover the costs of our business and our superior service standards by selling cars, not by charging you excessive fees or billing you for our time. Our goal is to get you approved and into the car that you want. If we can’t get you approved – then we don’t deserve your business. Fill out our FREE & SECURE credit application.

Do I need any money down?

Everyday Car Credit Hero helps new credit and credit challenged customers finance their new or used car with no money down. Car Credit Hero is here to make the deal work for you, so we will work with you and the bank to get you the car you want with the money down you have. See our testimonial page for real life bad credit auto loan situations from good people in the Oshawa, Trenton and Peterborough areas for example of NO MONEY DOWN CAR LOANS!

Will my auto loan be an open loan?

Yes! Car Credit Hero works with many banks and finance companies that offer open loans. We will always get you the approval on the contract you want. Unlike other companies that claim to repair your credit or pressure you to sign contracts that do more harm than good, Car Credit Hero will fully disclose the type of agreement you enter into and will never put its customers into a loan they cannot afford or don’t understand! You can pay out your new or used auto loan whenever you want – with no fee’s or penalties. If you want to trade in your vehicle for a different one, then we guarantee you an even lower rate!

Where is Car Credit Hero?

Car Credit Hero is located on Hwy 401 in Port Hope, Ontario. Because of our position on the highway our services are available to neighboring communities like: Cobourg, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Peterborough, Trenton, Belleville, Whitby and their surrounding communities. Click here for our map and contact details.

What kind of auto loan payments do you offer?

We schedule your payments to match your pay cheque. Car Credit Hero can set up your auto loan with a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or a monthly car payments!

How can I re-establish my credit?

Your Credit Bureau is snap shot of your credit history. If the last activity on your credit bureau is derogatory – then that’s all a bank or finance company has to base its decision on. The best way to re-establish your credit after having missing payments, written off a loan or having a bankruptcy is to start proving yourself again. Auto loan history leaves some of the strongest impressions, so getting and paying one on time will benefit and correct your credit the most.

Every auto loan Car Credit Hero puts together is registered to report with all Canadian Credit Bureaus – that’s means every payment you make on time is helping you work towards repairing your bas credit and a stronger credit history.

Can you lower my interest rate?

Yes. If you’re successfully paying a high interest auto loan, Car Credit Hero can often reduce your interest rate. If you come back to Car Credit Hero and finance with us again – We can guarantee you an ever better interest rate.

Car Credit Hero and their parent company have reduced interest rates for customers all over the Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope, Oshawa, Trenton and surrounding areas, apply now and you could be next to get a lower interest rate on your auto loan!

Which banks does Car Credit Hero deal with?

Car Credit Hero only works with the most trusted and respecting finance institutions in Canada. We deal with almost 10 different banks and finance companies. Our process ensures that you – the customer – benefits from the best rates and best finance options available.

How long is the Credit Application process?

2 minutes. Don’t believe us? Get auto loan approved NOW by clicking here.

What if I’m past due on my credit card or behind on other loans?

If you’re struggling with your credit card payments or you’re past due on any of your other loans, Car Credit Hero guarantees it can get you approved. We specialize in slow or past due credit. Even if you have collections or a judgement on your credit bureau, we can still help. We deal with every kind of credit situation and pride ourselves on having the expert knowledge required to get you approved and driving the car you want – no matter what credit you have.

What if I have a repossession reporting on my credit bureau?

If you had an auto loan repossessed or written off. We can still help. Car Credit Hero can get you approved at a competitive interest rate even if you have a repo reporting on your credit bureau. Apply Online or Contact Us now.

Can I finance a car with no credit?

Yes you can. A car loan is generally the best and strongest way to start your credit career. If you’ve never had any kind of credit, you still deserve that opportunity. Car Credit Hero specializes in getting people approved on their first loan. We are experts at getting young and first time buyers into car loans. Apply now.

I’m bankrupt can I still get a car loan?

Yes. When you’re bankrupt you still have obligations to make every month. It’s unfair to ask you for regular bankruptcy payments but decline you the means to get to work. Car Credit Hero can get you financed in a new or used auto loan inside of your bankruptcy, consumer proposal or even credit counseling. If you’re discharged from your bankruptcy, consumer proposal or even your second bankruptcy – Car Credit Hero can help. That’s right even if you’ve been bankrupt twice we can get you approved and driving a new or used car loan. Apply now.

Do I need a co-signor?

A co-signor or co-applicant can always help you but often is not required. Our credit experts will work with you to properly explain what co-signing means for both you and your co-signor. Thousands of Oshawa, Cobourg, Trenton, Belleville and Peterborough area residents with poor or no credit histories are driving co signor free auto loans right now!

Apply now or contact us for more info.

What area does Car Credit Hero service?

Car Credit Hero services all of Ontario. We are located on Hwy 401 in Port Hope, Ontario and our customers frequently come from the following areas: Port Hope ,Cobourg, Colborne, Welcome, Newcastle, Bowmanville, Courtice, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Trenton, Peterborough, Lindsay, Belleville, Kingston and area.

I live far away and don’t have a car…What should I do?

Contact us or apply now. We offer FREE PICK UP OR DELIVERY, ANYWHERE IN ONTARIO! That’s right! If you don’t live in the Oshawa, Peterborough, Belleville, Cobourg, Port Hope, Trenton, Whitby, Scarborough or surrounding area OR you don’t have a ride, we will drop off your new or used vehicle, come pick you up or even pay for your transit here.

I have bad credit or no credit, can you help me get a credit card?

Yes we can. Car Credit Hero partners with banks that offer credit cards to credit challenged or no credit customers. Car Credit Hero can help you get a credit card to establish your credit as part of your auto loan or on its own. Visit our 100% approved credit card page now or call for more information.

How do I apply?

Apply now by filling out this 100% Free, Fast & SECURE Online Credit Application. Apply over the phone by calling us or come and see us to apply in person. No appointment is necessary. Click here for contact and location information.

Articles from CarCreditHero

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A consumer proposal is a negotiated settlement between an individual and their creditors. It acts as an alternative to bankruptcy allowing the consumer to pay back a portion of their debt, while offering the creditors a chance to get back more money than a bankruptcy would allow. A consumer proposal is similar to debt consolidation, in that it can convert multiple loans into one monthly payment. It still however has many parallels with a bankruptcy. Read the full article

Struggling with Credit after a Divorce and Getting Approved on an Auto Loan

It’s unfortunate that so many marriages end in divorce these days and it’s especially distressing to see that number is on the rise. Divorce is never a good situation and can be damaging on both on a personal and financial level. It’s never a good topic to discuss but because of its impact on your life, it’s important that you take the time to reorganize yourself and understand your new post-divorce credit situation. Read the full article

Credit Card Write off or High Credit Card Balance –R9 and Slow Credit Auto Loans Approved

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Testimonials about CarCreditHero

I applied online to Car Credit Hero on Friday and was driving my new car by Monday. The guys at Car Credit Hero found me financing when no one else's could. I'm a discharged bankrupt making only $27,000 a year. The last finance company to decline my credit application told the dealership I visiting that no one would approve me. I was happy to find out that Car Credit Hero knew better. They got me driving in no time. Best of all they're only 10 mins away from my home in Cobourg. Mitch, Cobourg

I wrote off my credit card when I was at school. I didn't even know that the bank put a collection on my credit bureau. Car Credit Hero got me approved when my own bank wouldn't even take a chance on me. Louise, Oshawa

My name is Mark and I lost my manufacturing job 4 years ago when the plant I worked for in Belleville did a mass lay off. My wife and I had to survive on her income alone for almost a year. Because of that we had to return my auto lease to the dealership. Not only did the salesperson at the other dealership fail to mention that this would put a voluntary repossession on my credit bureau but when I came back after starting my new job, they told me that the repo on my credit bureau means I'll never get approved no matter what bank I try! Right away the staff at Car Credit Hero told me that although my credit was damaged, I can still get financing. It only took a few days but sure enough Car Credit Hero put me into a car loan with affordable payments. The guys at Car Credit Hero are professional and really know what they are doing. They took me step by step through the process and were very understanding of my credit situation. I'm writing this letter because I want good people like me who struggled with their credit to know that there is a place where you won't get treated like a problem customer or a dead beat. Because bad credit does happen to good people! Thank you Car Credit Hero. Mark, Belleville

I just graduated from school and I just started my new career. The idea that banks and finance companies make decisions about my ability to get to work everyday – based on me just starting out in life is ridiculous. I was declined by every single bank I tried. One auto lender actually told me that they would approve me if I got $15,000 down and my parents to co-sign. I thought I was about lose 3 hours a day by taking the bus, Car Credit Hero got me into a decent payment and the car I wanted. No money down, no co-signors and no bus to work! Thanks guys!!! Dave, Peterborough

Car Credit Hero got me my first car loan WITHOUT a co-signor. Every other car dealership told me that banks would never approve me without getting my parents to co-sign. Thanks Car Credit Hero. Sarah, Ajax

The bank I’ve always used to finance my auto loans declined my credit application because they said my debt service ratio was too high. The dealer I usually buy my trucks from told me I don’t make enough money to afford the loan. When I visited Car Credit Hero they took the time to explain that my Debt Service Ratio is how the banks determine if I can afford a new loan. They also went over my expenses and my credit history with me. They got me approved at a low interest rate and had me driving the truck I wanted right away. These guys are experts and they know how to get you the financing you need! Jeremy, Port Hope

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